New solutions for chemical research

Xanchem is a chemical company specialized in radical chemistry, gold chemistry and multi-component reactions. We design, develop and manufacture original aliphatic, heterocyclic, aromatic, and heteroaromatic derivatives, which are particularly suitable as synthons and scaffolds for the early stages of drug discovery programs. We also provide a large panel of new monomers for the preparation of innovative polymers from renewable vegetable sources

New bio-Based monomers

New amino acids, diacids, diols, and diamines, have been developed in our laboratory.
They can be accessed from renewable vegetable sources, and may be incorporated as additives into various polymers to alter their properties.

Building blocks

Xanchem offers a highly diverse and original collection of scaffolds, buidling blocks and fragments. The presence of suitable functionalities such as acids, amines, alcohols, halogens, …, makes them a perfect choice for use in the early stages of drug discovery programs.

Xanthates for late stage diversification

We offer an easy acces to various xanthates for the late stage functionalization of your heteroaromatic structures. Check out our catalogue!

Coming Soon:
screening collections

We will propose various original structures, that can directly be tested in an efficient hit discovery process.

OUr services

Building Blocks Supplier

Our catalogue of chemical products is distributed internationally and expanded regularly with newly released original products.

Custom Synthesis

You found the scaffold you were looking for in our catalogue but not with the desired functionality?

Contact us for a custom-tailored solution!

Using our expertise in radical chemistry and modern organic synthesis, we provide solutions for those of our clients who are interested in custom synthesis both on a FTE basis and on a cost per compound basis.

Contract Research

Our contract research services can help design and implement practical synthetic routes. We are currently offering the industry standard F.T.E service, both on a short term basis (a few weeks) and on a long term basis (a few months).

Moreover, we offer our research facilities for the development of new products, particularly in the areas of heterocycles and other organic intermediates.

Quality Control

All Xanchem catalogue chemicals are > 95% pure unless otherwise indicated. Analysis will always include 1H, 13C NMR, and HPLC-MS.

Analytical data will be made available on request for all Xanchem products.

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